The Scoutmaster Minute

Scoutmaster Minute (A Collection)

January 1, 2014

At the conclusion of most Scouting events, the Scoutmaster leaves the assembled with a few words expressing a thought for the week—impressing upon them the fact that they are Scouts and therefore are expected to live as Scouts.  Each Scoutmaster Minute gives the young men a moment of pause, to reflect upon the meaning of the Scout Oath and Law and how he personally relates these enduring principles and values.  In each of these brief readings is a lesson in how these principles were (or can be) put into practice to guide a Scout's daily actions.  It is hoped that in times of strife, when faced with the difficult choices that life so often places before us, that the young man will reflect upon these words and find strength from how others have faced these challenging moments.  In doing so, they too will make the right choice.

On the these pages, is a small collection of some of the more meaningful and thought provoking Scoutmaster Minutes I have encountered in my years in Scouting.  I do not purport to claim authorship over any of these; they have come to me from Scouting friends and acquaintances over the years in all manner and forms, from e-mails to scraps of paper.  If on these pages, you find your own words, please take no umbrage as I make no claim of authorship.

Yours in Scouting,
Mike Nostrand
Assistant Scoutmaster