Wear it Proudly

March 18, 2004
Troop 81, London, England

Several yeas ago, while returning from a horseback riding merit badge class at a friends farm in rural Iowa, my small group happened upon the scene of an accident; three elderly men in a car had hit a woman cyclist.  She was badly hurt.  As is so often the case in moments as these confusion and panic reigned and the three men were badly shaken and unable to render medical aid to the woman.  As I stepped from my car and one of the gentlemen recognized my uniform he broke down in tears and cried repeatedly, "Thank God, for the Scouts!  Oh, Dear God, thank you for the Scouts!"

In those frightening moments after the accident, my uniform represented to those three men someone with the medical training and leadership skills necessary to bring order to a chaotic situation.  To those three gentlemen, my uniform represented nothing short of salvation.

Gentlemen, the reason behind this simple Scoutmaster's Minute is clear; never underestimate the power and meaning of this uniform.  Know what it represents and wear it proudly always.

Good night, gentlemen.