Thank You, Mom

May 20, 2009

Don't answer this question out loud, but how long has it been since you said, "Thank you, Mom?"  I sense that for many, the answer might be "It's been awhile."  All too often we take our mothers (and fathers) for granted.  I suppose it might be awkward to try to say—in words—"Thank you Mom.  I truly appreciate everything you do for me—and with me."  And, of course, if we merely said those words alone and stopped there, they'd be a pretty empty, wouldn't they?

So we must back those words up by our deeds and by the manner in which carry and conduct ourselves as young men.  A Scout takes pride in these things and in always doing the right thing.  He honors his parents by making them proud of him; proud of his achievements and pleased with the kind of young man he is and is striving to become.  No matter what else we do as a gesture to show appreciation this Mother's Day, certainly we want to do our very best to be the kind of son that a mother can be proud of all through the year.

As you travel home this evening, ask yourselves, am I the kind of young man my Mother is proud of?

Good night, gentlemen.