Scoutmaster's Charge

April 13, 2004

Lord Baden-Powell wrote:

Let the Scoutmaster remember that in addition to his duty to his boys, he also has a duty to the movement as a whole.

Our aim in making boys into good citizens is partly for the benefit of the country, that it may have citizens whose amity and sense of "playing the game" will keep it united internally and at peace with its neighbors abroad.

Charged with the duty of teaching discipline by their own practice of it, Scoutmasters must necessarily be above petty personal feeling and must be large-minded enough to subject their own personal views to the higher policy of the whole.  Theirs is to teach their boys to "play the game," each in his place like bricks in a wall, by doing the same themselves.

Each has an allotted sphere of work, and the better he devotes himself to that, the better his Scouts will respond to the training.  Then it is only by looking to the higher aims of the movement, or to the effects of measures 10 years hence that one can see details of today in their proper proportion.

Best wishes and good night, gentlemen.