Be a Blessing

November 12, 2002

Most of you have probably heard of the nun who lived in India named Mother Teresa who devoted her life to serving the poor.  In the early years she was just a small nun working in the slums of Calcutta, India, unknown to anyone.  Today, she is known around the world and when she died many heads of state attended her funeral.  Mother Teresa showed us all through her humble acts of self-sacrifice that you do not have to do big things to be a blessing to others.  When someone is sick, you can care for them.  If they are hungry, you can feed them.  If they are dirty, you can help clean them.  If they are lonely, you can talk to them.  If they mourn someone, you can give them words of comfort.  You do not have to be rich or famous or a person of great importance to do any of these things.  You simply have to care about others as much as you care about your own needs.  Mother Teresa was truly a blessing to others.  She gave up all her worldly possessions when she joined her order and for more than 60 years she cared for many who were sick, fed the many who were hungry, and cleaned the many who were dirty.  She was not always famous, but she always cared.

Each of you can be a blessing to others in your own right as you go about your daily lives.  You can offer a kind word to someone who is down, you can offer food to someone who is hungry.  When you help someone—do a good turn—keep it to yourself.  You do not need to beat your chest on a street corner and say what a good person you are.  The world will note how you treat others and judge you by the example you set.  When the opportunities arise, always be a blessing to family, friends, and those in need.

Good night, gentlemen.