Section VIII

Uniform Rules

VIII.1 Why the Uniform

Scouts in uniform are conscious of their rank and make a greater effort to advance.  Only the uniform provides a place for display of badges - important symbols of achievement.  Scouts have more fun, stay longer in our program, and feel greater pride in the achievement of advancement.

VIII.2 Uniform Rules

Troop uniform policy is outlined in the Troop Constitution (Article IV, UNIFORM.) Proper placement of insignia is found on the inside front and back cover of the Scout Handbook (a Scout's Handbook is part of his uniform and it should be brought to every meeting, activity, and camp-out in the event a Scout is ready to demonstrate his knowledge of a requirement or readiness to advance in rank).

We wear the uniform to separate us from everyone else and to bind us as one unit.  The Troop always travels in uniform (khaki shirt, green pant / shorts, etc.) to and from outings.  Whether it is to a weekend camp-out, hiking, Scouting-for-Food, or other official Scouting activity.  If in doubt, wear the uniform.  If a Scout arrives to a camp-out without his uniform, he will be sent home to retrieve it.  If he does not wear the uniform he will not attend the trip.

The uniform is also to be worn at all Troop and Patrol meetings.  If a Scout is ready for a Board of Review or Court of Honor the Class A uniform must be worn—no exceptions.

On occasion, the Scoutmaster may render exceptions to this policy.  The Scout will be notified if he does not need to wear a uniform or if he should wear the activity uniform.  The Troop t-shirt can be worn under the khaki shirt anytime.

VIII. Uniform Inspection Checklist

Uniform Item and Conditions of Proper Wear
Uniform Item Location and Condition of Proper Wear
Scout Handbook
Scout Hat Troop 4673, Red and Olive Green, or Olive Green BSA.
BSA Khaki Shirt Clean.  Pressed.  Tucked in to pants.  No missing buttons.
Red or Olive Green Shoulder Tabs Worn on each shoulder epaulet.
Neckerchiefs Troop 4673 or Blue BSA.  Worn folded and under the collar.  No more than six inches may show (measured from the top of the collar to the end of the neckerchief).
National Capital Council Emblem Worn directly below the shoulder seam of the left shirt sleeve.
Troop Numerals "4673" Worn directly below the National Capital Area Council Emblem on the shirt left sleeve.
Badge of Office Worn centered on the left sleeve just below the Troop numerals.
Shoulder Cord Worn suspended from the top, left shoulder and strung beneath the arm.  Worn only while serving in the respective office.
U.S. Flag Worn directly below the shoulder seam of the right shirt sleeve.
Patrol Patch Worn centered on the right shirt sleeve between the U.S. Flag and the Quality Unit Award (if earned).
Religious Emblem A Knot Award, if earned, worn centered above the left shirt pocket flush with the top of the pocket flap seam.
Badges of Rank Rank is worn centered on the left shirt pocket, directly below the pocket flap.  The WEBELOS Arrow of Light Badge is worn centered on the pocket, just beneath the lower seam of the pocket.
Recruiter Strip Worn, if earned, centered on the right pocket, just beneath the lower seam of the pocket.
Boy Scouts of America Strip Worn above the right shirt pocket, flush with the top of the pocket flap seam.
Order of the Arrow Lodge Flap Worn, if awarded, over the right shirt pocket flap by members in good standing in the lodge.
Quality Unit Award (Optional) Worn centered on the right shirt sleeve, 4" below the shoulder seam (measured from the top of the patch).
World Crest (Optional) Worn centered above the left pocket and shoulder seam and above any Service Stars.
Service Stars (Optional) Gold with numeral in center indicating years of service in scouting.  Stars are worn 3/8" above the left shirt pocket seam or 3/8" above any Knot Award.  An orange backing indicates service in Tiger Cubs, yellow indicates service in Cub Scouts, red indicates service in Boy Scouts.
BSA Pants or Shorts Olive Green.
BSA Socks Olive Green with red stripe or Olive Green.
Belt Olive Green with Gold Boy Scout belt buckle.
Temporary Insignia (Optional) Worn centered on the right shirt pocket.