Backpack Weight Calculator

Select Item Estimated Weight
Backpack (Kelty Trekker, external frame)
Backpack rain cover
Sleeping Bag (North Face Blue Kazoo mummy bag)
Sleeping pad (Them-A-Rest Backpacker 3/4 length.  Self-inflating)
Tent (North Face Roadrunner 23.  Two man tent.  Three season.  Includes fly, poles, stakes, and footprint)
Stove and accessories (MSR Dragonfly.  Weight includes full 22oz fuel bottle)
Cook kit (MSR BlackLite Cookset, cooking utensils, condiments, camp soap, towel, etc.)
Personal eating items (Lightweight (lexan) plate, cup, utensils, etc.)
Food (Weekend trip.  Three meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday)
Water (1 Litre.  Camelback style plastic bag with drinking hose assembly)
Raincoat (Campmor Cascade waterproof rain parka)
1 pair of pants (Columbia Omni-Dry Convertible Cargo Pants)
1 T-shirt (Van-TEC cotton polyester blend )
1 pair underwear
1 pair socks (Thorlo Backpacking/Trekker socks)
Hat (Crushable.  360 degree brim)
Camp Shoes (Lightweight sport shoe)
Toiletries (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, bug spray, sun screen, etc.)
First Aid Kit (Campmor Hiker First Aid Kit) personalized with a few extra aide items
Compass and map
Multi-tool (Leatherman Super Tool 200)
Flashlight (Mini Mag Lite.  2 AA) and extra batteries
Miscellaneous gear...
Six pack of soda
Click here to calculate your total weight in lbs.

Check the box for the items you intend to carry with you on the trek.  If left unchecked, the value will not be computed in the total.  All the weights shown are averages for these items but if you know the exact weight of the item you're carrying, you can overtype the weight in the box.  If you're carrying multiples of an item (e.g., two pairs of socks) overtype and double the weight shown.  The goal is to keep your total pack weight down to 25-30% of your body weight.  Good luck!